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  Original skills, basketball skills teaching


   The Lakers 124: 114 put out the Heat again to win, the total score on the 2-0 lead.


   In the first round directed by Lee, some people say that Lee's directing runaway is unstoppable. Even if the Lakers win, they have to peel off their skin;


   In the second r亚搏体育官网地址ound of Mosaic, some people said Mosaic Tianke Lakers, this time James is in danger;


  The Nuggets played in the final game, and people said that the Nuggets might make a 3-1 comeback for three consecutive games.


   The result is indeed three series, three 3-1, the Lakers made it to the finals without bloodshed! Let James see the Wild West? Then let the West meet the wild James!


   Now, who else is the team that can prevent the Lakers from hitting the championship?


   Let's go together.


   Lakers VS Heat, G2.


   The Lakers will wear Mamba-themed jerseys. In this year's playoffs, the Lakers won all three games in the Mamba-themed jerseys, and today, it is no exception.


   The game has not yet started, and the roster of the two sides has laid the foundation for the Lakers to win.


   Adebayor suffered a neck sprain, Dragic tore the plantar fascia of his left foot and missed the game. Butler, one of the three Heat's three stars, made a forcible appearance with a sprained ankle, giving the entire arena an extremely tragic atmosphere.


   Butler's current situation is like this


   But competitive sports is competitive sports, and going all out is the greatest respect for the opponent.


   With Adebayor no longer playing, the Heat was stabbed by the Lakers inside.


The one headed by    is called Anthony Davis.


   Every historical star has his own masterpiece in the playoffs, and the masterpiece of Anthony Davis is this year.

每位历史巨星在季后赛中都有自己的杰作,而安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)的杰作是今年。

Who can think of a 2m11 tall man who can complete on the field one after the other: changing the front of the body, jumping backwards, and shooting a dragon in the face. This series of actions can only be seen on defenders on weekdays. .

谁能想到一个身高2平方米(11厘米)的男人,一个又一个又一个地完成比赛:改变身体的前部,向后跳,并在脸上射出一条龙。这一系列动作只能在工作日的防御者上看到。 。

   Watching Durant playing before, I already thought he was abnormal enough, never expected the Lakers to develop a second Durant?


  He is not only good at outside scoring methods, inside footsteps, empty dunks, and singles under the basket. Davis is equally skilled and proficient in everything.


   The most suitable center for small balls was born in the era of the most popular small balls.


   The thick eyebrows played for nearly 40 minutes, 15 of 20 shots, during which there was a super high efficiency of 11 of 12 shots, and finally scored 32 points, 14 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.


  Nong Mei currently scored 64 points in the first two games of the Finals, ranking third in the history of the Lakers!


   hitting zone defense, this guy raised his hand and put a three-pointer into the pocket;


   guard it out, this guy beat everyone by one step and beat everyone;


   Playing defensive counterattacks, ya ran faster than the average guard, flying up is an empty dunk.


   Today's Davis is not a god descending to the earth, he is the god himself!


   In this game, James played 39 minutes, shot 14 of 25, 3 of 8 three-pointers, 2 of 5 free throws, contributed 33 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists, 1 steal and 1 block.


   He scored 65 points with the thick eyebrows. According to statistics, in Zhan Meihe's 60+ games (including the regular season), the Lakers have scored 20 wins and 1 loss, the best in NBA history.


  How to defend against these two monsters?


   Coach Spoel scratched his hair and couldn't figure out a way.


   It's not that the trader's tactics are not sophisticated enough, but that the gap between the cards is too big. When you only have a 2 of spades in your hand, how can you be hard on the opposing king?


   Pope teamed up with Zhang Tielin to do things on the court. The two made up 20 shots and beat dozens of irons, and the basket would be broken.


  Looking at today’s Kuzma again, I thought it was Jay Chou's upper body, Xiuhua passed the ball to the bottom line, and sent three errors in a single quarter...


   I still can't play Zhan Mei.


  Kuzma's self and ours


   Huge points difference from the beginning to the end.


   With Zhanmei dual-core drive, the Lakers easily won the second game, the current big score: the Lakers 2: 0 Heat.


   After the game, the Lakers officially announced Green’s injury. The latter strained his hips and will be reassessed tomorrow. Green was injured late in the second quarter.


Heat data: Jimmy Butler 25 points, 8 rebounds and 13 assists; Jay Crowder 12 points and 7 rebounds; Taylor Hilo 17 points and 7 rebounds; Kelly Olynik 24 points and 9 rebounds; Kendrick Nunn 13 Points 4 rebounds.

热火数据:吉米·巴特勒25分,8个篮板和13次助攻;杰伊·克劳德(Jay Crowder)12分7篮板;泰勒·希洛17分7篮板;凯利·奥林尼克(Kelly Olynik)24分9个篮板;肯德里克·纳恩(Kendrick Nunn)13分4个篮板。

Lakers data: Anthony Davis 32 points and 14 rebounds; LeBron James 33 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists; Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope 11 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists; Kyle Kuzma 11 points; Rajon Rondo 16 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists.

湖人队数据:安东尼-戴维斯32分14篮板;勒布朗·詹姆斯33分9篮板9助攻;肯德维斯·卡尔德威尔-波佩11分,4个篮板和4次助攻;凯尔·库兹玛(Kyle Kuzma)11分;拉琼·朗多16分,4个篮板和10次助攻。

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