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The scene where Bobby Moore held the Remit Cup at Wembley Stadium in 1966 was the most glorious scene in English football history. There are only two things printed on the red jersey of Captain Three Lions: the three Lions logo on the chest and the striking number 6 on the back.

1966年,鲍比·摩尔(Bobby Moore)在温布利大球场(Wmbley Stadium)举行雷特杯(Remit Cup)的那一幕,是英国足球历史上最辉煌的一幕。 “三狮队长”的红色球衣上只印有两件事:胸前的三狮标志和背面的醒目数字6。

Today, every World Cup, Bobby Moore’s same jersey will appear in bars all over England. Although there are countless stars endorsing No. 7, No. 9 and No. 10, No. 6 is still the favorite of England. , Largely because of Bobby Moore.

今天,每届世界杯,鲍比·摩尔的球衣都将出现在英格兰各地的酒吧中。尽管有无数明星支持7号,9号和10号,但6号仍然是英格兰的最爱。 ,很大程度上是因为Bobby Moore。

In England, No. 6 belongs to the central defender, or more precisely the left central defender. This originated from the left midfielder who had withdrawn from the 2-3-5 formation. The former left central defender expanded to become a full-back, and No. 6 naturally Occupy the former position. Although continental Europe is accustomed to arranging No. 4 on the back line, the English have a tradition of 2-5-6-3 from right to left.


In the 16 years of playing for West Ham United, Bobby Moore has been wearing the No. 6 jersey. This jersey has been deeply imprinted by Moore, so that after his debut for West Ham for 50 years, the club Announced the retirement of the No. 6 jersey, which is a very rare achievement in English football. England international Matthew Upson, who was wearing West Ham United's No. 6 jersey, had to change to No. 15 (Note: 1+5=6).

在为西汉姆联效力的16年中,鲍比·摩尔一直穿着6号球衣。穆尔为这件球衣留下了深刻的印记,因此,在他为西汉姆(West Ham)效力50年之后,俱乐部宣布退役6号球衣,这在英国足球中是非常罕见的成就。身穿西汉姆联6号球衣的英格兰国际马修·厄普森(Matthew Upson)必须更改为15号(注:1 + 5 = 6)。

Before playing for West Ham United, Upson also had the opportunity to inherit Arsenal's No. 6 jersey. This jersey originally belonged to Tony Adams. Like Moore, Adams is also a leader-level player in the defense. He once served as the Gunners captain and helped the team win multiple league titles. After Adams retired in 2002, because of the weight of this jersey, no one dared to fill the vacancy for four years-until Senderos appeared, of course, it proved that the Swiss decision was unwise afterwards.

在为西汉姆联队效力之前,厄普森还有机会继承了阿森纳的6号球衣。该球衣最初属于Tony Adams。像摩尔一样,亚当斯也是国防领域的领导者。他曾经担任枪手队长,并帮助球队赢得了多个联赛冠军。亚当斯在2002年退休后,由于这件球衣的重量,没人敢填补这四年的空缺,直到Senderos出现为止,当然,这证明瑞士的决定是不明智的。

Koscielny, who left the Emirates Stadium in an almost sad atmosphere, held this number for a relatively long period of time, but Arsenal Women’s Leah Williamson is more like Adams’ successor people. Williamson, who has been a gun fan since he was a child, took the recommendation letter from Adams to take part in the game at the Shanghai Brie Stadium for the first time. Before turning into a central defender, Williamson was an elegant midfielder. Her technical skills were demonstrated when he served as a midfielder and defender. It was not those who had to use technology and awareness at the end of his career. A melee defender who restrains his opponent. Williamson on the court is quite a bit like Adams-they all leaned forward, one hand on the hip, the other pointed at their teammates and loudly reminded him to return to defense. Williamson is bound to become the captain of the Arsenal women's football team and even the armband holder of the Three Lions in the near future. Being a midfielder or defender is no longer important, Williamson has injected a new soul into the Gunners No. 6.


The style of football in continental Europe is subtly affecting English football. For example, No. 4 is no longer the exclusive number of a defensive midfielder by default, but is increasingly occupied by central defenders, but No. 6 is moving in the opposite direction. The direction is developing.


In the 1990s, No. 6 was worn on tough central defenders such as Adams, Gary Parrister and Gary Mabat, but now No. 6 is moving forward. The most obvious example is Pogba. The previous owners of the Red Devils 6 include Stam, Weiss-Brown and Evans. Chelsea also awarded the No. 6 to Desailly and Carvalho, but in recent years it has been worn by Romeu and Delinkwater. We are always eagerly looking forward to the appearance of a midfielder wearing the No. 6 in English football, but Pogba, who was once the most promising, continues to be wasted because of injuries and blurred positioning.

在1990年代,排名第六的是亚当斯,加里·帕里斯特(Gary Parrister)和加里·马巴特(Gary Mabat)等顽强的中央后卫,但现在第六名正在向前发展。最明显的例子是Pogba。 Red Devils 6的先前所有者包括Stam,Weiss-Brown和Evans。切尔西也将第六名授予了Desailly和Carvalho,但近年来,Romeu和Delinkwater一直使用它。我们一直热切期待着一位身穿英式足球第六位的中场球员的出现,但是曾经最有前途的波格巴由于受伤和位置模糊而继续浪费。

In continental Europe, the No. 4 is generally a defender, and the No. 6 and No. 8 partners are midfielders. This has become a common practice, and most coaches will directly call the position of a defensive midfielder "6" without thinking too much about the origin and significance of this number.

在欧洲大陆,第四名通常是后卫,第六名和第八名伙伴是中场。这已经成为一种惯例,大多数教练会直接将防守型中场球员的位置称为“ 6”,而不必过多考虑该数字的由来和意义。

In Germany, people call the defensive midfielder "sechser", which means "No. 6". German football legend Raphael Honigstein once referred to Monchengladbach’s defensive midfielder D. Zakaria as the “No. 6 Bomb”, even though the Swiss midfielder was in The number of the club is 8. Similarly, in a double defensive midfielder formation like 4-2-3-1, two defensive midfielders are called "double No. 6" combinations. In the World Cup in Russia, like Pogba's No. 6 midfielder, there are Belgium's Witsel, Germany's Khedira and Spain's Iniesta.

在德国,人们称防守中场为“ sechser”,意思是“第六”。德国足球传奇人物拉斐尔·洪尼施泰因(Raphael Honigstein)曾经将门兴格拉德巴赫的防守中场D.扎卡里亚(D. Zakaria)称为“不。即使这名瑞士中场在“ 6号炸弹”中,俱乐部的数目也为8。类似地,在像4-2-3-1这样的双重防守中场阵型中,两个防守中场也被称为“ 6号双”组合。在俄罗斯的世界杯上,像波格巴(Bogba)的第六中场一样,还有比利时的维特尔(Witsel),德国的赫迪拉(Khedira)和西班牙的伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)。

The example of Iniesta is special because he and Xavi exchanged their club numbers in the national team. Xavi is Barcelona's No. 6, Iniesta wears No. 8. Xavi once explained that both of them wanted to wear Barcelona No. 6, so he stepped back and gave the national team's No. 6 jersey to a friend. Barcelona, ​​with Xavi and Iniesta, feels more reasonable in formation-Xavi is behind Iniesta, and the latter often needs to rush forward to serve as a trident, even if he doesn't like that position. .

伊涅斯塔的例子很特别,因为他和哈维在国家队中交换了俱乐部的号码。哈维是巴塞罗那的第六名,伊涅斯塔穿着八号。哈维曾经解释说,他们俩都想穿巴塞罗那的第六号,所以他退后一步,把国家队的第六号球衣送给了一位朋友。与哈维和伊涅斯塔一起的巴塞罗那在阵型上感觉更合理-哈维落后于伊涅斯塔,后者经常需要向前冲去担任三叉戟,即使他不喜欢这个位置。 。

England’s Maguire is not the only central defender wearing a number 6 in the 2018 World Cup. There are also Portugal’s Fonte, Denmark’s Christensen, Cr亚搏游戏登录oatia’s Lovren and Serbia’s Ivano. Vicki, what's interesting is that these people have long-term experience in the Premier League, which shows the deep influence of English football.

英格兰的马奎尔并不是唯一在2018年世界杯足球赛上排名第六的中后卫。还有葡萄牙的丰特,丹麦的克里斯滕森,克罗地亚的洛夫伦和塞尔维亚的伊凡诺。 Vicki,有趣的是这些人在英超联赛中拥有长期的经验,这显示了英国足球的深远影响。

Although the Italian team was eliminated in the last World Cup qualifiers, the Azzurri also have the tradition of handing over No. 6 to the defender. In addition to Bobby Moore in England, the other most famous No. 6 is from the Apennines. He is the legendary captain of AC Milan, Franco Baresi. As the captain, he wore the No. 6 shirt and fought for the Rossoneri 15 When he ended his career in the summer of 1997, the club also retired the number 6 jersey for him.

尽管意大利队在上届世界杯​​预选赛中被淘汰,但阿祖里队还拥有将第六名交给后卫的传统。除了英格兰的鲍比·摩尔(Bobby Moore)外,其他最著名的第六名也来自亚平宁山脉。他是AC米兰的传奇队长Franco Baresi。作为队长,他身穿6号球衣,为Rossoneri 15效力。1997年夏天结束职业生涯时,俱乐部还为他退役了6号球衣。

In the same summer, international football witnessed a 亚搏体育官网地址goal worthy of history. In the Four Nations Invitational Tournament in France, Brazil's No. 6 Robert Carlos scored a strange banana goal against the host. In the development of Brazil’s four-backs, the left midfielder gradually moved back to the defensive line and became a left-back with a strong sense of assist. Therefore, in the past 30 years, all Brazilian teams participating in the World Cup have had a No. 6 jersey. Left backs such as Blanco, Roberto Carlos, Marcelo and Felipe.

同年夏天,国际足球见证了值得历史的进球。在法国举行的四国邀请赛中,巴西第6号罗伯特·卡洛斯(Robert Carlos)对阵东道主打进了一个奇怪的香蕉球。在巴西四后卫的发展过程中,左中场球员逐渐移回防守线,并以强烈的助攻感成为左后卫。因此,在过去的30年中,所有参加世界杯的巴西球队都拥有6号球衣。左后卫如布兰科,罗伯托·卡洛斯,马塞洛和费利佩。

In t亚搏游戏登录he Four Nations Invitational, England's left back Le Saux unexpectedly wore the number 6. Another left guard of the Three Lions, Stuart Pierce, chose No. 3, and Le Saux chose his number in Blackburn-No. 6. Because Adams did not go to France with the team, Southgate took over the No. 5 jersey of the original Gunners captain and indirectly completed Le Saux.

在四国邀请赛中,英格兰的左后卫勒索克斯出人意料地戴上号码6。三狮王朝的另一名左后卫斯图尔特·皮尔斯选择了3号,勒索克斯选择了他在布莱克本的号码。 6.因为亚当斯没有随队去法国,所以索斯盖特接手了原枪手队长的5号球衣,并间接完成了勒索克斯。

In addition, Aston Villa's Barry is also worth mentioning. Barry made his debut from the central defender position. He was a typical British No. 6 player. Later he became the Brazilian No. 6 left back. After a guest appearance in the left midfielder for a period of time, Barry was finally fixed in the central midfielder position. , Became a standard European Continental No. 6 player.

另外,阿斯顿维拉的巴里也值得一提。巴里(Barry)从中后卫位置出道。他是典型的英国第六名球员。后来他成为了巴西的第六大左后卫。在左中场客场出现一段时间后,巴里最终被固定在中场位置。 ,成为标准的欧洲大陆第6名球员。

Back at the Four Nations Invitational in France, there is an attacker who favors No. 6-Djokov of the French team. The French forward, who has played for Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan and Bolton, has been wearing the No. 6 jersey no matter in the national team or the club team. "When you were a kid and were in a small team, you often did your best for the No. 10, No. 9 and No. 7 jerseys." Djokaf said in an interview with The Athletic. "When I was young, I thought, ‘I’ll choose number 6 for the big guys.’ Don’t I have to wear a size 6 to score a goal? Don’t I have to wear a size 9 or 10 to score."

回到法国四国邀请赛中,有一个攻击者赞成法国队的第6德约科夫。这位法国前锋曾为巴黎圣日耳曼,国际米兰和博尔顿效力,无论在国家队还是俱乐部队中都身穿6号球衣。 “当您还是一个小团队成员时,您常常会尽力做到10号,9号和7号球衣。”德约卡夫在接受《体育报》采访时说。 “当我年轻的时候,我想'我会为大个子选择6号。'我不必穿6码来进球吗?我不必穿9或10码来达到目标​​吗?得分。”

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