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亚搏游戏登录-詹姆斯天赋有多恐怖?大腿粗得像水桶 麒麟臂碾压字母哥

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James can be hailed as the "son of the heaven", mainly because of his talent. He does not have the talent that can be seen by the naked eye, and he will not become the top pick without suspense in the 2003 draft year. Now that James has played in the NBA for 17 years, we only discovered that few can really play. At the age of 35, he is still the first player in active service. His super talent makes his lower limit too high. Even now he is better than many stars. So how terrifying亚搏体育官网地址 is James' talent, let's get a feel for it. After reading it, you will understand what a talent is.


James's lower limb strength is very good, even if he is old now, a brutalist player like Zion can't hit James. His thigh muscles are exaggerated, and many inside players are not as developed as he is. His thighs are as thick as a bucket, which is a manifestation of talent and hard work.


Strength can indeed be improved through training, but some players are born with supernatural power, James is like this. James is already strong enough, otherwise he would not often play insiders. The key is that his training method is also very limited. He used to pull a car to practice strength. It is conceivable how powerful it is to be able to pull the car away by hand.


In the Cavaliers 1.0 era, James was at his strongest athletic ability. In actual combat, he was able to dunk from the free throw line. This bounce was really strong. But the highest time he jumped was the height of the save jump this time. Anyway, I don’t know how high the jump is, but it is so obvious that it can exceed the frame. This jump is guaranteed to be more than 1 meter, and this is the strongest bounce history.


The strength and weakness of the ability to resist injuries is also a manifestation of talent. James is obviously full of injury resistance. Not to mention that he has hardly been injured in 17 years, just take the weak foot that all players are afraid of. With good luck, he will take a few breaks, and luck will almost get injured for ten and a half days. James was 90-degree crippled, then sorted out his sneakers, stomped on the spot again, and he was immediately resurrected with full blood. This recovery ability is terrible.


Antetokounmpo is very strong now. He has won the MVP for two consecutive years. In the future, he is most likely to succeed James. He is so strong now that his physical fitness explodes, especially playing against him. But when encountering James, Antetokounmpo was also very wronged. Facing this thirty-year-old man, Antetokounmpo really couldn't take advantage of it. In the same state of exerting strength, James, the unicorn arm is crushing the alphabet brother, and the "Greek monster" encounters James, it is also beaten back to its original form!


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