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亚搏游戏登录_从升班马到最大黑马 成都兴城的秘密在这里

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On October 3rd, the Chengdu Division of the 2020 Chinese Premier League entered the seventh round. Chengdu Xingcheng finally defeated Beiti University 1-0. Currently, it ranks first in the Chengdu Division with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, only one step away from qualifying for the Super Group. Far away!


   The last round of Chengdu Xingcheng was reversed by the Beijingers 2 to 3, and the 5-game winning streak was ended. This is also the first time the team has lost points in this year's China League match. After the game, the executive deputy general manager of Chengdu Xingcheng Club Yao Xia said: “Face the defeat, sum up the deficiencies, and get ready for the next game.” And in this afternoon's match with Beijing Sports University, Chengdu Xingcheng, who put down the burden of winning streaks On the road again, the result is back to victory. From not being valued by the outside world before the season, to the current team with the most impressive record of the 18 teams in China, how did the "Xingcheng Miracle" be created?




Although after the last round of the league, Chengdu Xingcheng slowed down the pace of entering the super group, but Taizhou Yuanda, who ranked second in the Chengdu division, also lost 1-2 to Suzhou Soochow in the last round. Chengdu Xingcheng still leads Taizhou Yuanda. With 5 points, there is a 6-point gap with the third-placed Beijinger and the team's lead in the Chengdu Division has not been shaken.


   In the first round, Chengdu Xingcheng once relied on defender Liu Tao's goal, 1-0 to beat North Sports University. Su Maozhen’s North Sports University is a very young team. There are 14 U23 players on the team's roster. Many U23 players are often sent to the start in the Chinese League. During the game, Su Maozhen sent 8 U23 players in the main lineup!


   In the tight schedule, although the young teams have physical advantages, they still lack experience. Although Chengdu Xingcheng still lacks the main players such as Feng Zhuoyi and Liu Yu, from the beginning of the game, with his rich experience, he firmly controlled the situation of the game. The foreign aid Quintana was even more active in the midfield. In the 11th minute, Chengdu Xingcheng new aid Wang Xiaolong received a direct pass from Quintana. After a few steps on the right side of the front field, he suddenly shot a long shot from outside the penalty area. This goal must have made the Beijing player very emotional. In addition to breaking through the door of his hometown team, in the last round of loss to the Beijing Renhe, the three goals conceded were related to Wang Xiaolong. Some fans in Chengdu were dissatisfied with it, and it also brought some psychological pressure to Wang Xiaolong.


   But Carlos didn't doubt his talents. In this game, he continued to send Wang Xiaolong to start. The latter also returned the trust of the coach with a beautiful long shot. In the 20th minute, Leonardo's header ferry gave Quintana a good one-handed opportunity, but Quintana's left foot shot wide and Chengdu Xingcheng missed the opportunity to expand the lead. Ma Xiaolei also got a good opportunity in the second half, but his shot was too straight and was rushed by the opponent's goalkeeper. Although I missed several opportunities and failed to win a big deal, it is a bit regretful that Chengdu Xingcheng scored all 3 points, returned to the track of victory, and took a solid step towards entering the super group.






   This afternoon’s victory put Chengdu Xingcheng at the top of the China League Chengdu Division with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. Although the match between Taizhou Yuanda and the Beijingers and this round has not yet taken place, Chengdu Xingcheng has a high probability of being able to lock into the super group qualification after the next round of competition. Before the start of this season, the newly promoted Chengdu Xingcheng team was not regarded as a super hot team by the outside world, but the team became the biggest "dark horse" after the start of the league, not only continuing to occupy the top spot in the Chengdu division, but also It also became the first team in the history of the Chinese League to create a 5-game winning streak as a newly promoted team.


In the eyes of many people in Chengdu Xingcheng Club, this year's team performance is so outstanding, first of all thanks to the strong capital investment of Chengdu Xingcheng Investment Group as a backing, a source told the Red Star News reporter: The situation of wage arrears and disbandment abounds. Although some teams remain in the Chinese Premier League, their lives are not easy. They can only withdraw funds and reduce investment through large-scale sales of the main force. In this situation, Chengdu Xingcheng is even more apparent. The stable investment of the group is valuable. This year, Chengdu Xingcheng has introduced a lot of capable players, who have strengthened in multiple positions. Hu Yongfa, Feng Zhuoyi, Wu Guichao, Quintana, Djuerjiqi and other domestic and foreign players are firmly in the team. In addition to the main players, they are all key players in the core position and are vital to the team’s tactical system. In fact, the more important point is that the players in Chengdu Xingcheng have a stable heart. Everyone only needs to consider training and competition. If you are distracted by things, your combat effectiveness is naturally very stable. This is simple to say, but in the current environment of China A, it is not easy to do this."


   In the eyes of many people, in addition to the strong backing of the club, the extremely smooth preparations for Chengdu Xingcheng during this year's special period are also an important reason for the team's outstanding performance. When the Red Star News reporters chatted with club members, several people mentioned this point, "The pre-season preparation plan is to step on every step. In addition to the success of the plan, it also has a lot to do with luck!"

在许多人的眼中,除了俱乐部的强大支持外,在今年特殊时期为成都兴城进行的极其顺利的筹备活动也是球队表现出色的重要原因。当《红星报》记者与俱乐部成员聊天时,有几个人提到了这一点:“季前准备计划是步步为营。除了计划的成功之外,它还与运气有很大关系! ”

   This year, Chengdu Xingcheng’s winter training is divided into multiple stages. The first stage will be in Chengdu, the second stage will be in Kunming Hongta base, and the third stage will go to Thailand for training. When the domestic epidemic broke out at the beginning of this year, Chengdu Xingcheng was training in Thailand; and when the domestic epidemic was basically under control and the foreign epidemic gradually began to spread, the entire Chengdu Xingcheng team had ended the Thai training and returned to Kunming Hongta base to continue training...Yes The source told the Red Star News reporter: “The team was really step by step during this special period and did not make any detours. When other teams were unable to concentrate training due to the epidemic or foreign aid could not enter China, Chengdu Xing City is one of the few teams that has not interrupted pre-season training, and the two foreign aids, Quintana and Djurgic, met with the team very early, and they had enough time to run in with their teammates and increase understanding." Indeed, After the start of the Chinese League, it can be seen that Quintana, Djurgic and their teammates do cooperate in tacit understanding, wh亚搏游戏登录ich allows Carlos's pass-and-control play to be better implemented. However, many teams in the Chinese League have been rushed to choose foreign aid for various reasons, and their performance after the start of the league was not satisfactory.

今年,成都兴城的冬季训练分为多个阶段。第一阶段将在成都,第二阶段将在昆明红塔基地,第三阶段将前往泰国进行培训。当今年年初爆发国内流行病时,成都兴城正在泰国训练。当国内流行病基本得到控制,国外流行病逐渐蔓延时,整个成都兴城队已经结束了泰国训练,回到昆明红塔基地继续训练......是的消息人士告诉《红星报》记者: “在这个特殊时期,车队确实是一步一步走,没有走弯路。当其他球队因流行病而无法集中训练或外援无法进入中国时,成兴市是为数不多的没有中断季前训练的球队之一,金塔纳和杜吉奇这两个外援与团队很早就开始了,他们有足够的时间与队友一起参加比赛并增进了解。”实际上,在中国联赛开始后,可以看出金塔纳,德约吉奇和队友确实在默契上进行了合作,这使得卡洛斯的传球和控制打法得到了更好的实施,但是由于各种原因,中国联赛的许多球队都急于选择外援,联赛开始后的表现并不令人满意。



   In addition to the stability of the club’s investment and the extremely adequate preparations before the season, the Chengdu Football Association’s Jili and Yao Xia and Wei Qun’s key role in the team are also important reasons for this team’s outstanding performance.


   It can be said that the Chengdu Football Association has made great efforts for Chengdu to host the competition in the Chinese Division. The staff of all departments of the Chengdu Football Association have been mobilized to ensure the smooth progress of the opening ceremony of the Chinese Division and the Chengdu Division. A source said: "This time the role of the Chengdu Football Association is indeed too crucial. It makes Chengdu one of the three divisions of the Chinese Football Association, and Chengdu Xingcheng can be the host to fight at home. This is decisive for a newly promoted horse. Factors. Think about it, every game in the first stage is equivalent to a home game, and results are a matter of course!"


In the process from the founding of Chengdu Xingcheng to the China League One, it is certainly not all smooth sailing, but in the eyes of many clubs, Yao Xia and Wei Qun are two big brothers with extremely high status. Sit down, even if you have encountered some problems, you can quickly stabilize. "Mr. Yao and Mr. Wei are both the flag figures of Sichuan football. They also left a deep personal mark on the national team that year. Therefore, regardless of whether the players in the team come from the world, they are convinced by both of them." There is news. The person said. Last season, Chengdu Xingcheng played in the Chinese League 2 as a newly promoted team. It started five rounds without winning. At that time, coach Carlos was under great pressure, and dissatisfied fans even shouted the slogan "Carlos dismissed get out of class".

在成都兴城成立到中国甲级联赛的过程中,当然并不是一帆风顺的,但是在许多俱乐部看来,姚霞和魏群是地位很高的两个大兄弟。坐下,即使遇到一些问题,您也可以快速稳定下来。 “姚先生和魏先生都是四川足球的旗帜人物。那一年他们还在国家队留下了深刻的个人烙印。因此,无论队中的球员是否来自世界,他们都深信他们都。”有消息。该人士说。上个赛季,成都市兴城作为一支新晋球队参加了中国联赛第2联赛。它开始了五轮没有获胜。当时,教练卡洛斯承受着巨大的压力,不满意的球迷甚至喊出了“卡洛斯被解雇走下课”的口号。

A person familiar with the matter told the Red Star News reporter that at the critical moment when the whole team was enveloped by "gloom and mist", Yao Xia and Wei Qun clearly expressed their support for Carlos and quickly stabilized the coaching staff and the players' military spirit. The team then played a wave of undefeated 20 rounds, and finally succeeded in winning the Zhongyi Southern Division Championship. "If Carlos was dismissed from class at that time, then it would definitely have to go through another wave of toss. It's really hard to say whether it will succeed in the first round. At that time, Mr. Yao and Mr. Wei’s decision to support Carlos was obviously correct, but they were also under a lot of pressure at the time.”

一位知情人士告诉《红星报》记者,在整个团队陷入“阴霾”的关键时刻,姚霞和魏群明确表达了对卡洛斯的支持,并迅速稳定了教练组和球员的军事精神。球队随后打亚搏体育官网地址了一波不败的20回合,并最终成功赢得了中意南分区冠军。 “如果卡洛斯当时被解雇,那肯定会经历另一波折腾。真的很难说它是否会在第一轮中获得成功。当时,姚明和魏先生的决定支持卡洛斯显然是正确的,但当时他们也承受着很大的压力。”

   In the eyes of people familiar with the matter, Yao Xia and Wei Qun not only played the role of the backbone and lubricating oil in the club and the team, but they can even illuminate the team like "good luck". In the pre-season Chinese Division 1 draw, Wei Qun, who represented the team at the meeting, was "lucky" and drew Chengdu Xingcheng "whatever he wanted" to Group A. This was also the team's tailwind in the first 6 rounds of Chinese League. One reason for the smooth flow. If they were assigned to Group B with Zhejiang Greentown and Guizhou Hengfeng, or Group C with Changchun Yatai and Nantong Zhiyun, Chengdu Xingcheng would have to set a record of 5 consecutive victories at the beginning, and the difficulty would increase exponentially.


   Therefore, time, location, people, and people are indispensabl亚搏体育官网地址e in this trip to Xingcheng, Chengdu. In this process, Chengdu football players in different roles have played their own roles, and everyone is a hero!


Red Star News reporter Jiang Shan Editor Li Xueli


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