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Compared to the physical level, the player's mental health is a more complex issue. In such a period of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation, how can clubs improve the happiness or mental health of their players? Next, this article will start from players, club staff, consultants,


Obviously, what each club is most concerned about is the mental health of the regular players of the first team. When the epidemic crisis occurred,


"We are most worried about the foreign players. Some of them live alone and have no local network except for the club," said a behind-the-scenes staff of a club in Europe's top league. "I am not a trainer. Well-known psychologist, but I know the players well, because I am always by their side, so I can know when they are in a good mood and when they are not happy. Once I know that they are in a state of psychological struggle, I will do my best Do whatever you can to help them, or try to cheer them up-things like sending messages or chatting on the phone may not be difficult."

欧洲顶级联赛俱乐部的幕后工作人员说:“我们最担心的是外国球员。他们中的一些人独自生活,除了俱乐部以外,没有任何本地网络。” “我不是教练。著名的心理学家,但是我很了解球员,因为我一直在他们身边,所以我可以知道他们什么时候心情好和什么时候不开心。一旦我知道他们处于心理挣扎状态,我会竭尽所能来帮助他们,或者尝试使他们振作起来,例如发送消息或在电话中聊天可能并不困难。”

"Before the outbreak, I often stayed with some players. We might watch movies or play games together. Obviously, this is impossible now," the employee continued. The role of the club will be biased towards logistics work, but I feel more like a social worker. This is great, I like to be with the boys, it brings me a lot of joy. Of course, if the player’s mental problems are really If it is serious, I will notify our team doctor to come over."


In this special period when the restrictions on outing activities are becoming stricter and the government recommends self-isolation, the travel policies of various clubs are very different. Some clubs are happy to let foreign players return to thei亚搏游戏登录r home countries, and it is best to wait until the epidemic crisis has passed before returning; other clubs worry that the team's personnel will be affected after the league restarts. Therefore, they require foreign players to stay in the apartment where the club is located.


All foreign players mentioned two key issues when interviewed.


"Of course, contact via video communication and telephone is helpful, but it is still unpleasant to think about what happens when a friend or family member is infected," said one of the foreign players. "If someone gets sick or even Worse, can I be allowed to go home?"

一位外国球员说:“当然,通过视频通讯和电话联系是有帮助的,但考虑到朋友或家人被感染时会发生什么仍然令人不快。” “如果有人生病甚至更糟,我可以被允许回家吗?”

Regarding the help from the club, the player added: “There are no procedural measures to track our mental state. However, several people in the club told me that if I need help, I can call at any time. Give it to them. In addition, we also have players’ WhatsApp groups where there are always people willing to chat or send messages. Ironically, although some of us have not seen each other for weeks, the psychological distance has become even greater It's near."


Sports science professor Geir Jordet (Geir Jordet) provides professional football players with related services of psychological counseling on athletic performance. Long before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, some players have established long-term cooperative relationships with Professor Jordt. During the epidemic, he was still remotely mentoring about 12 players scattered across Europe from his office in Oslo, the capital of Norway. As a non-staff counselor for the club's psychological problems, he got the opportunity to observe and compare the psychological changes of professional players at close range.

体育科学教授盖尔·乔德(Geir Jordet)为职业足球运动员提供有关运动表现的心理咨询相关服务。在新的王冠流行病爆发之前很久,一些参与者已经与Jordt教授建立了长期合作关系。在流行期间,他仍在他位于挪威首都奥斯陆的办公室中远程指导约12名散布在欧洲各地的球员。作为俱乐部心理问题的编外顾问,他有机会观察和比较近距离职业球员的心理变化。

"On the one hand, in the most progressive and forward-looking clubs, the players are taken care of by internal support staff; on the contrary, in those clubs that do not have a suitable psychological guidance system, some of the psychological problems of the players become more obvious. Up."


It may take some time for the players to return to their normal lives as professional athletes. However, if some physical exercise activities are used in advance to divert the attention of the players, it will not only help the players maintain the competitive state, but also help them to prepare and recover their physical functions in advance.


In view of the current special situation, Jodet has also made corresponding adjustments to his psychological counseling work methods.


Just like a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel, German clubs have gradually resumed organized training, which brings hope to players in other European leagues.


This player is more than 30 years old, and his experience represents to a considerable extent the reality of football veterans:


"I have always known that the end of my career will eventually come, but I never thought it would be due to the global virus pandemic! So, I thought it would be a gradual process of fading out, but now it may suddenly become some kind of forced Things to me. This is not what I want to say to the club. I treat this as a private matter. Instead, I choose to confide this to my friends and family."


FIFpro Secretary-General Bell Hoffman said: “We have many young players living alone outside of their home countries. In these countries they often lack the care and support from their families.

FIFpro秘书长贝尔·霍夫曼(Bell Hoffman)说:“我们有许多年轻球员独自一人居住在本国以外。在这些国家,他们常常缺乏家人的照顾和支持。

When analyzing the psychological problems of players, FIFpro said that players usually only focus on their profession, and when there is no game to consider, they will feel empty. Therefore, they also gave the official version of the suggestion to help players through the psychological difficulties-"Keep your mind sharp". A healthy lifestyle and regular sleep, keeping in touch with the outside world through social media, establishing a new routine life, and relaxing through music or watching TV are all included in this recommendation.


It’s worth mentioning that Bell Hoffman also


When the world is generally facing huge uncertainty and people's original daily life tends to collapse, football players and other sports professionals are facing additional pressure. The length of their careers is shorter than that of ordinary people. Faced with the constant passing of time, doing nothing at home will make their mentality more depressed, anxious or manic. In severe cases, they may even tend to commit suicide. .

当世界普遍面临巨大的不确定性,人们的原始生活趋于崩溃时,足球运动员和其他体育专业人士面临着更大的压力。他们的职业生涯比普通人短。面对时间的不断流逝,在家无所事事会使他们的心理更加沮丧,焦虑或躁狂。在严重的情况下,他们甚至可能倾向于自杀。 。

According to a report in the "Daily Chronicle" at the end of March, the mental health charity Back Oneside has helped four Scottish players get rid of suicide. "The players are worried that they will not get paid, which will affect mortgages, car payments, and will affect people's thinking.

根据三月底在《每亚搏体育官网地址日纪事》中的一份报告,精神健康慈善机构Back Oneside帮助四名苏格兰球员摆脱了自杀。 “球员担心他们不会得到报酬,这将影响抵押贷款,汽车付款,并影响人们亚搏游戏登录的思维。

During the suspension of the league, the potential impact of the epidemic on the mental health of players cannot be ignored. I hope that more and more clubs and players will realize this.


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