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亚搏体育官网地址_中超三转总结:超半数球队引新援泰达最猛 内部交流多穆伊最大牌

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With Guoan’s new aid Shunich’s magical joining of Jianye, the first "Three Turns" in the history of the Super League came to an end. In this transfer window, 9 of the 16 teams in the Chinese Super League have introduced new foreign players, accounting for the majority. Among them, Tianjin TEDA, which has the worst record in the first stage, has the largest signings and introduced three new foreign players in one fell swoop. , And Jiang Shenglong, a domestic aid from Shenhua. Affected by the salary limit order, the teams have introduced few big names in new aid. The Premier League midfielder Mu Yi introduced by SIPG is regarded as the most famous new foreign aid.

有了国安的新援,舒尼奇神奇地加盟建业,中超联赛历史上的第一个“三转弯”就告一段落。在这个转会窗口中,中国超级联赛的16支球队中有9支引进了新的外国球员,占大多数。其中,天津泰达在第一阶段的战绩最差,签约金额最大,一口气引进了三名新的外国球员。 ,还有申花的家务助理姜胜龙。受薪资限制令的影响,这支球队在新援助中引入的知名度很少。 SIPG引进的英超中场穆伊被认为是最著名的新外援。

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Video-Top Ten Balls in the First Stage of the Chinese Super League: Yali Fairy Barb, The World of Burning Flies All Over the Sky]

视频:中国超级联赛第一阶段的十大球:Yali Fairy Barb,《燃烧的世界飞上蓝天》

Nine teams introduce new foreign aid, TEDA will replenish Sanyo guns


For the next knockout, 9 of the 16 Super League teams have introduced new foreign players, including Shenhua (2 players), Shenzhen (1 player), Dalian (1 player), R&F (2 players) in Group A. He Jianye (1 person), SIPG (1 person), Huanghai (2 people), Zall (1 person), TEDA (3 people) in Group B. Among the remaining 7 teams, Evergrande, Suning Tesco and Yongchang, because of the strong performance of foreign aid, none of them moved. Guoan originally had a new aid, Shunich, but it was leased to Jianye. It is still the original foreign aid team, Luneng Added Guedes, but he is not the team's new aid, after China Fortune and Chongqing relegation, do not plan to recruit new aid.

在接下来的淘汰赛中,中超联赛16支球队中的9支引进了新的外国球员,包括甲组的申花(2名球员),深圳(1名球员),大连(1名球员),富力(2名球员)。何建业(1 B组。SIPG(1人),SIPG(1人),黄海(2人),Zall(1人),TEDA(3人)。在其余7支球队中,恒大,苏宁易购和永昌由于国外表现出色援助,他们都不动。国安最初有一个新的援助物Shunich,但被租给建业。鲁能仍然是原始的外援队,但加尼德斯却没有加入,因为中国财富和重庆降级后,他并不打算招募新的援队。

Among the 9 teams that have introduced new aid, TEDA is the most eye-catching. In the first stage of the group stage, TEDA originally had only four foreign players, but Wagner 亚搏体育官网地址couldn’t come. TEDA’s introduction of Lima failed to complete the formalities. As a result, they only had three foreign players. This is the team with the least foreign players in the Super League. Affected TEDA's performance. TEDA, who is now fighting for relegation, has to work hard on signings. They first introduced high center forward Lima, who performed mediocrely, so they introduced another center, Suarez.

在引进了新援助的9个团队中,泰达最为抢眼。在小组赛的第一阶段,泰达原本只有四名外国球员,但瓦格纳没有来。 TEDA对利马的介绍未能完成手续。结果,他们只有三名外国球员。这是中超联赛中外国球员最少的球队。影响了泰达的业绩。正在为保级而战的泰达必须在签约方面努力工作。他们首先引进了表现出色的中锋前锋利马,因此他们引入了另一个中锋苏亚雷斯。

In addition to the introduction of Ahmedov from SIPG, TEDA has introduced three new foreign players in one window, which is also the most in the history of the Super League.


In addition, Shenhua and Huang Ha亚搏游戏登录i are also relatively strong in signings. In order to reach the semi-finals, Shenhua introduced Ecuador’s double stars Bolaños and Martinez. The former has not yet appeared, and the latter has already appeared before. The strength of the game still needs to be tested. The newly promoted Huang Hai has limited financial resources and has introduced two Russian Super League players, Popovich and Radonic, to pin their hopes of relegation on them.


It is worth noting that among the favorite teams to win the championship, only SIPG has introduced new aid, replacing Uzbek midfielder Ahmedov with Premier League midfielder Mui, achieving an upgrade of the lineup and showing their determination to win the championship.


Internal communication has become a new trend, and the loss of big names is more than the introduction


Although more than half of the teams have introduced new foreign aid, in fact, in the new foreign aid introduced by each team, there are not many real big-name players, after all, salary restrictions cannot be avoided.


Among the new foreign aid to the Chinese Super League, the biggest name is probably SIPG’s Australian midfielder Mu Yi. As the captain of Australia, Mu Yi proved himself in the Premier League. The other is the Brazilian striker Suarez introduced by TEDA. He has been the top scorer of the Portuguese Super League giants Porto in the past few seasons. In addition, Jairson, who was introduced by the Dalian native from the Turkish Super League, also has a certain reputation. After all, he is also Brazil's fringe international and has been favored by many wealthy players.


In contrast, it is the lost star of the Chinese Super League and may be more famous. For example, R&F's Israeli double stars Zahavi and Saba, and Dalian midfielder Hamsik who is likely to leave. Under the influence of the salary limit order, the big-name foreign aid of each team accelerated their escape from the Super League. This should be only the first wave. After the season, many stars such as Pellet and Hulk will leave.


In this special transfer period, internal communication has become a new trend, which is unique in history. R&F has introduced Adrian from Chongqing, Zall has introduced Martins from Shenhua, Jianye has loaned Shunich from Guoan, TEDA has introduced Ahmedov from SIPG...The knockouts only have one month of competition time, so The cost of internal communication between the teams is lower and it is more conducive to operation. In addition, Praliganji, who has proven himself in TEDA, and Zivkovic, who has played for Yatai, these old acquaintances have returned to the Super League. It is also the principle of each team in line with the principle of using familiarity instead of producing. After all, the knockout matches are too accidental. Big, not easy to take risks.


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